CCCA National Magazine Database (Search)

Search the Classic Car Club of America national magazine database by keyword and display the results from more than 25,000 pages in 750 back issues.

This database is a joint project of the Classic Car Club of America Museum and the Classic Car Club of America and is for personal use only. Please contact the webmaster for commercial licensing.

Before you begin, scroll down for "Search Tips."

Search Tips

  • Narrow your search for the fastest results. Specify "The Classic Car Magazines" or "Bulletins" instead of "All Magazines" when possible.
  • "Any search words" will return pages that have any of the search terms, whereas "all search words" will return only pages containing all of your search terms.
  • Use double quotes to search for exact phrases, such as "1946 Packard." Exact quote searches may take longer.
  • When you click on a search result, a PageViewer will be launched, which will allow you to view the result page and any other pages in the same issue. You may view in medium-resolution mode (fast) or high-resolution mode (slower).
  • Be sure to switch to high-resolution mode before printing a page.
  • When searching for information about a particular year and make of automobile, the results page will show you some text surrounding your keywords. You may want to skip results showing numerous other cars, an indication the resulting page is a list of cars at an event--not the historical or technical information you may be looking for.