Welcome to the CCCA Museum!

Chicago Board Meeting in August

Friday, August 22, I headed off to Chicago for a CCCA national board meeting. During the day, all committee chair “persons” (see I am politically correct once in a while) spoke of their successes, plans and problems.  I reported that the Club is in sound financial condition with our July financial statements reflecting a better position this year than in 2013.

David Johnson reported on plans for the 2015 annual membership meeting to be held at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa in Savannah, Georgia Saturday March 7 through Wednesday March 11. Savannah is a grand old southern city with lots of history and architecture.

Following the annual meeting, the Club has planned a two day trip from Savannah to Jekyll Island for one night and on to Amelia Island for the Amelia Island Concours for those that want to take in one of the best car shows in the country.

Jay Quail announced the CCCA Passport Driving program which sounds really neat. You take a picture of your Full Classic® odometer and fill in a little application to keep track of your mileage. When you reach 2,500 miles you get a very nice cloisonné badge to mount on your car. For every 2,500 miles after that, there are additions to the badge. It is really a neat program to encourage us to drive our real cars! You can find out more at our national club website: www.classiccarclub.org.

On Sunday, one of our Board members dropped me off at the Grand Rapids airport so I could get a rent car and I spend the next couple of days at the CCCA Museum in Hickory Corners. On arrival Sunday afternoon there was a great collection of Pierce Arrows on the show field (see photos). Several of the owners were taking visitors for rides around the area.

Monday I had a number of meetings with two different contractors to consider an elevator installation so people would find it easier to get to our second floor displays, and also an electrician to do some work on our kiosk wiring.

I was invited to attend the Gilmore monthly Advisory Committee meeting. More than a dozen people reported on grounds, building conditions, library and archives, collections offered to Gilmore, their volunteer program which is exceptional, a recap of the shows that go on there almost every weekend during the year, education (year to date they have had more than 3,700 students) and attendance (they expect more than 120,000 visitors to the grounds this year.)

I was asked to report on our plans which include a modification to our main entry, possible addition of the elevator, a major re-roofing of our original building and continuation of our digitizing program under the management of Jeremy Wilson.

On Tuesday I had a couple of meetings in the morning and then headed 125 miles south to visit THE AUBURN HOTEL. Really folks, whatever your pre-conceived notions, forget it. The hotel is a time warp and for its age it is pretty darn good shape. Mr. and Mrs. Proprietor almost keeled over when they found me there. Jan and Rodger Eddy took me through the building and their apartment. Granted the place is old and a little worn but it is delightful, circa the Tokeland Hotel in Washington State.

Rodger took me on a tour around town to the ACD museum and we went by the Auction America grounds where the big show and auction take place the first weekend in September. There must be at least 25 acres of tents and on Tuesday (four days before the weekend) and 500 cars on the grounds. And for George Potter there were about 50 old farm tractors.

It was a great treat to see Jan and Rodger and have a couple of days back at the Museum.

Howard Freedman
President, CCCA Museum Board