Welcome to the CCCA Museum!

by Howard Freedman

Our Museum Board of Trustees met at the Hershey Hotel Wednesday night October 9, during the Hershey Fall Swap Meet.  Some call it the swamp meet because of the tremendous rains that almost flooded the Park Thursday night and Friday.

Our Executive Director and Treasurer, Katie Robbins presented both financial statements and membership reports.  Katie has done a wonderful job  converting our accounting system to Quick Books allowing much more detailed information on our financial affairs.

Our Finance Committee reported the anticipated retaining of a professional fund manager to handle our investment portfolio to maximize our returns for use in operating and improving our displays and building.

I was able to give a comprehensive report on our website activities including a progress report on our digitizing project covering the original works of Dietrich, Derham and Judkins.  We are up to more than 10,000 documents in our website file now with at least another 10,000 pages to go.  We have 17 or our 20 plus videos on line with easy access on our website.

We are preparing a grant request to be submitted to several institutions that are partial to preservation of historic automobile documents and materials.  Any funds received will help offset our direct cost of this immense project.

Of course there was lengthy discussion about our 2014 EXPERIENCE for the weekend of May 30 - June 1.  See our invitation below this article for more details.  All Cadillac/LaSalle regional clubs have been asked to run our invitation in their regional publications.  We will be very aggressive in promotion of this once a year landmark event for our Museum.

Our long range planning committee is delving into how we might insulate and heat our building to minimize the temperature swings effecting our collection.  The committee is also exploring how to get a representative car from our collection for display at major concur events for promotion of our Museum.

We hope you will join with us in promoting our Experience and planning ahead to be with us the first weekend in June.

Howard Freedman

President, CCCA Museum Board