Messages from CCCA Museum Board President, Howard Freedman

Welcome to the CCCA Museum! We invite you to visit our one of a kind museum in western Michigan to experience first-hand the automobiles from the Classic Era.

Fall update: Following our Board meeting at the Hershey Hotel on October 5 and spending two more days at the swap meet, Al Kroemer and I spent three days with our executive director, Carol Vogt, at our museum... More...

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Five new cars: Acquisitions in 2015.

A virtual tour of the museum.

2017 Experience

SAVE THE DATE: The 31st annual Experience will be June 2-4, 2017.

Inviting all Full Classics® and American and European Roadsters, Sport, and Touring cars 1915-1965.

The Classic Car Club of America's "Approved List" includes many Full Classic® Roadsters, Sport, and Touring cars. However, at the 2017 Experience, all American and European Roadsters, Sport, and Touring cars 1915-1965 will be able to participate in the event, which will include a barbecue, a driving tour, a Saturday dinner gala, and much more. We look forward to seeing you there!

Previous Experience Galleries

2016 - All Full Classics® featuring Senior Classics

2015 - Packards and Full Classics®

2014 - All Cadillacs through 1962 and Full Classics®

2013 - Chryslers and Full Classics®

2012 - Foreign Cars and Full Classics®

2011 - Indiana-Built Cars and Full Classics®

2010 - Closed Cars and Full Classics®

Museum Musings

Museum Musings is now a regular feature by our Executive Director, Carol Vogt. Carol lives in Hickory Corners and has extensive experience in public relations and development. Her first installment is a look back at the 2016 Experience. More...

Museum Receives Margaret Dunning's Packard 740 Roadster

The CCCA Museum has gratefully received Margaret Dunning's 1930 Packard 740 Roadster, donated to the Museum by the Margaret Dunning Trust. The Packard was featured along with Ms. Dunning in countless articles and videos. More...

Gilmore Car Museum Events

The Gilmore Car Museum welcomes you to enjoy a unique experience among automobile museums in the United States. It is now the largest auto museum in North America with over 400 automobiles.

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